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Enterprise Advantage

Thirty years of rich experience and control ability in Entrepreneurship and sustained operation have established a stable, efficient and standardized management system.

· Technology, Technology and Equipment

· Market Development

· Enterprise Services


Excellent craftsmanship and high quality

Concentration, concentration,



Enterprise Services

Strong project investment

and development


Technology, Technology and Equipment

Rich products



Stable, efficient and standardized management system

Brand franchise/planning


A Guided by existing business experience and practices, providing one-stop services

B It has been advertised and promoted, and its products have been sold all over the world.

C products are certified by CE and TUV test report, so that customers feel more comfortable and safer.

D Brand Planning: Provide name, slogan, VI, image, plan and other services, so as to form a unified value between corporate image and product brand.


Venue planning

Output of the overall solution to create greater customer value!


Regional survey

By analyzing the market potential and competition degree of the target, we can help customers choose the best venue location and make the most suitable investment plan.


User Location

By analyzing the age composition of the target city, the flow of target addresses, educational policies, etc., help customers identify target players



Product selection

Production according to market trends and customer venues data analysis to help customers make the best game products.


Path Planning

According to market trends and customer venues data analysis to help customers make the best game products.

Whole Library Design

After the site planning map is determined, the lighting plan is drawn up for the customers, the lighting types are determined, and the final design of the whole venue is presented.


A design chart

Construction plans

Stadium decoration
Provide construction site follow-up service. To help customers supervise third-party construction units from a professional

point of view, ensure the supply of materials, construction details, etc. to ensure the quality of construction.

According to the design drawings, the total engineering quantity is calculated. And label material brand/specifications and construction practices to assist customers in contracting to third-party construction, help customers sort out and analyze the quotations of construction units.



Quantity calculation

The designer is seamlessly connected with the construction supervisor and the project manager.

Jointly review all details of construction drawings.



Seamless docking of design scheme

Help customers coordinate air conditioning, fresh air, weak electricity, fire protection, structure and other professional services.

Save time for customers.



Construction site coordination

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